The American Nightmare

Come, all ye huddled masses to this shore.
Come, like millions who have come before.

Opportunity is endless and easy to endure,
Come, come quietly, to the golden door.

It is so easy to slip in, lie, cheat and steal,
your way to America with all its appeal.

They are so rich and stupid and view work with dread,
with hard work and cheating, it's so easy to get ahead.

Once you are firmly established a foothold here,
sponsor your extended family without any fear.

Your hard work and honesty is valued so dear,
they easily overlook how you really got here.

Each generation millions more come.
Easily assimilate and become USA one.

Changing the land from rural to urban.
Creating safe havens to wear a turban.

It is easy to overlook the growing blight,
when your lawn is mowed impeccably tight.

Clippings are mixed with vile trash, you see,
and the fertilizer works its way to the sea.

Highways are built to carry the burdening fare,
millions of new autos going mostly nowhere.

Houses and suburbs spread like wildfire,
urbanization and crowding become our welfare.

Millions escape to gated enclaves,
the price of freedom actually enslaves.

Fear creeps in and steals our minds,
the American dream slowly unwinds.

And the home of the brave and the land of the free,
that we picture in our dreams will cease to be.

Washington DC Blight


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Copyright 2006 © Ronald W. Hull