Alligators in the Arctic

There is a big change coming,
we can feel it in the air.
The world around us changing,
while we're not going anywhere.

Frogs everywhere are dying,
and we can't find out why.
Other species are dying too,
gone from land, water, and sky.

Weather everywhere seems crazy,
new records every day.
With over 100 years of records,
we've never seen it this way.

The naysayers have been denying,
for over 40 years.
Old money and old ways, sway,
and pooh-pooh legitimate fears.

The rich have got their lifeboats,
and can buy into any change.
While the rest of humanity suffers,
from the money changers exchange.

Humanity will survive the change,
of that there is no doubt.
But tragedy will befall us all,
before we figure out.

How to live with our world,
in harmony and in peace.
And let its magnificent diversity,
evolve with natural ease.

Nature is the best landscaper,
we all know that is true.
So why do we think we're better,
And mess with her true blue?

So you want a tropical paradise?
Your dream is coming true.
Before long all will be tropical,
there'll be no other view.

But we will have to scramble,
to help save the few.
The species we so value,
disappearing by the slew.

And most of all to save ourselves,
from our narrow point of pursue.
Where money is not the only thing,
we value that is intrinsically true.

Our very way of living,
will come under strong purview.
And we will change for the better,
simply because we have to.

Illustration of Climate Change Worldwide

Stanford Climotology Study

A recent study by Stanford climatologists (link above)
has confirmed that global temperatures will
be 5° higher within 100 years, a rate of change 10 times
faster than previously predicted. The last time
this happened was over 20,000 years ago
and the transition took 1000 years, not 100.
The Arctic regions were tropical and contained
alligators. Because of the existing carbon increase
in the atmosphere, a certain amount of this change
is already underway and cannot be reversed even
if all fossil fuel burning stopped now. Animals and plants
are already migrating and adapting. Much of
the ecosystem is dying if it can't adapt.
Humans will have to adapt to a drastically different climate.

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