Airship Dreams


Fly away with me,

In a new kind of sea.

With elegance and grace,

To a magic place.


Above the hectic fray,

Drifting on each day,

Up so high, so rare,

To take your breath away.


And follow the wind,

Near and far.

To distant venues,

Without a car. 


Just moor to a castle,

Or grand estate.

Never arrive early,

Never leave late.


Float like a cloud,

Over azure sea,

To pristine islands,

Made for thee.


Skirt the thunderclouds

Of electric sky.

Feel the cold rain,

Cast on high.


Scale the highest mountain,

With elegant grace.

Enjoy the rugged scenery,

Without touching the place.


Do you dare,

To dream the dream?

It will come true if you 

Plan and scheme. 


Design, test and build

The ship of your dreams,

Fill it with your tired and weary,

Then relax, and float up stream.


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Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull