A Good Man


"I need a good man around the house," my wife used to say.

She didn't mean it in a demeaning way.

It's just that my hands would no longer work.

It didn't make me a lazy jerk.


We divorced and she is long gone.

The house and me?  Well, we stayed on.

There is always something that needs to be done.

The big question is, who'll be the one?


"The ad said, "No job too small."

But when I made the call, "$55 an hour" didn't seem small at all.

If the job required a turn of a screw.

It's amazing how that little job grew.

And something that would have taken a minute.

Required a major replacement once they got in it.


Throw quality and workmanship out the window.

Artistry, harmony, and taste, too.

When you hire a reformed drunk to work for you.


I tried taking in male tenants, but that didn't work either.

They didn't lift a finger, and tended to linger.

Without paying rent.


So I have surrounded myself with women.

And I am well cared for, cleaned, and fed.

But heaven help us when an appliance goes dead.


My house is deteriorating all around.

The girls try their best, and sometimes, a solution is found.

But, there's something I must do, as soon as I can.

Some how, some way, I must find a good man.


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