After the Fall

After the fall, we are small,
belittled by the event.

All our hard-earned savings gone,
all our money spent.

We look to our leaders for reprieve,
but they just scratch their heads.

Investments that were green as grass,
are now all in the reds.

We didn't see it coming,
just wanted more and more.

Buying more than we need,
and spending without score.

Scooping up scarce resources,
like there was no end.

Praising growth for growth's sake,
ignoring signals science sent.

Trickle down economics,
was going to make us rich.

It only made the rich get richer,
as the poor die inch by inch.

Like lemmings we all rush to see,
what trick will bail our boat.

When we should save ourselves,
and throw the scoundrels out!

wall Street in 1929

Wall Street in 1929 


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