Aerial Acrobat

I am highly evolved,
to fly with ease.
I flit with the butterflies,
and vie with the bees.

For the sweet nectar,
that powers my wings.
Gives me the energy,
to do marvelous things.

Like hover in midair,
to survey the scene.
Snatch a bug in midflight,
and float like a dream.

The air is my playground,
the air is my home.
Move into my territory,
and I won't leave you alone.

I must keep moving,
for I am not safe.
Others would catch me,
like a wandering waif.

If I don't eat, many times,
my weight every day.
I will starve to death,
my strength gone away.

But don't you worry,
about my plight.
I'm hardy enough,
for a long distance flight.

Across the Gulf of Mexico,
I fly with the breeze.
If a hurricane don't get me,
to the land of my ease.

A tropical paradise,
where I can cavort.
Choose a mate for the journey,
to the far, far north.

Where I will raise my young,
in a dainty nest,
teach them to fly loops,
and all the rest.

So if you are down,
and can't get going.
Think of the little hummingbird,
and all that he is knowing.

So, what are you waiting for?
What's holding you back?
Fly like a hummingbird,
and you're on the right track.

Hummingbird at feeder

Hummingbirds are remarkable
in many ways


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