Across the Chasm

There is a chasm that yawns,
between the minds of souls.
a gulf that love bridges hearts,
like a timeless bell that tolls.

It opens with a smile,
and a warm, "Hello."
Sometimes leading instantly,
to a recognition deep below.

A melding of hearts and souls,
sometimes, instant and profound.
As though magic had occurred,
and a soulmate had been found.

This doesn't happen very often,
but when it does, it's a fire,
that burns without any fuel,
purely on primal desire.

But time erodes everything,
including bridges of fate.
Without refueling love grows cold,
must be revived before it's late.

For those few souls in each life,
who've earned the calm of trust,
a lifetime of love and friendship,
will outlast the chasm of lust.

Bottomless Chasm of the Third World

Bottomless Chasm of the Third World © Miss Tique at Fandom

For some it is easy to bridge the gap between us.
For others it is hard. But once that bridge is
reinforced, it can last a lifetime.

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