Ability to breathe,
ability to drink,
ability to eat,
and to think.

Ability to see,
ability to hear,
ability to talk,
and to face fear.

Ability to walk,
ability to run,
ability to go out,
into the sun.

Ability to read,
ability to write,
ability to be heard,
and fight the good fight.

Ability to earn,
ability to own,
ability to lead,
and to roam.

Ability to love,
ability to care,
ability to know,
that someone is there.

Ability to reason,
ability to survive,
ability to believe,
and just be alive.

George H.W. Bush Signing ADA on July 26, 1990

2015 also marks the 25th anniversary of the ADA,
Americans with Disability Act. Those with disabilities
are still a long way from equal opportunity when it
comes to independence, housing, and employment.

The Houston Abilities Expo will be held at the NRG
Center July 31, and August 1, 2. I will be signing my
books there. The Expo features a fantastic array of
assistive equipment and services. It also features the
physical and creative abilities of people with disabilities.

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