Younger Than Her Years


In spite of all her fears, she's younger than her years.

Especially when she puts her hair up, revealing childlike ears. 


To hear the sound of laughter, and wisdom beyond their years.

That children oft display twixt giddiness and tears.


Life is hard and unrelenting; its bitter she's tasted full.

Still, she's unrepenting, pushing with every pull. 


She's so small of stature, it's as though she's not grown up.

But with a heart that's over brimming, she's a full cup.


Of kindness giving with the innocence of youth.

She's wise beyond her years--closer to the truth. 


And so my heart springs when she comes into my view.

With voice so soft and sweet and colored with the hue.


Of happiness that she is, and far younger, too.

Than her years or fears as she smiles and says, "How are you?"


In love.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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