It's Resolutions - Ronald W. Hull
Resolutions (Mariah Carey's Thighs)


The holidays give reflection,
on what we did last year.
Tell us what we're doing right,
tell us what's wrong, we fear.

Promises, sometimes easily made,
are not as easy to hold or keep.
Promises can make us happy,
but broken, can make us weep.

Contracts made with handshakes,
require great mutual trust.
Contracts made on legal paper,
when disputed, are a must.

Whether we be sad or happy,
this time of year rolls 'round,
we often make resolutions,
some silly, some profound.

Resolutions are promises with ourselves,
to make things better or make them right.
Resolutions can be quite sappy or wacky,
can even keep us awake at night.

I never make resolutions or write them down.
Instead, I work hard at doing right all year long.
So I smile every time I hear someone say,
"This year my resolutions are going to stay!"

Examining New Year's Resolutions

Reviewing New Year's Resolutions ©

It's true. I never make resolutions. But I do
revel in hearing others make and break them.

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