Hummingbird, hummingbird, can I fly away with thee?
You seem so relaxed. You seem so free.

You seem to know exactly what you're doing,
and where to go, fluttering in and out, to and fro.
There is no indecision and you never go slow.

Where can I get this kind of purposeful resolve?
For I am so caught up as the days unravel, revolve.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird, take me along.
I don't know if you'll hear, but I'll sing you a song.

I know that you're flying far south from me.
I want to go along south. I want to see.

All the wonders you have seen as you pause,
while cruising for fast food on the sly, so high.
Coming upon scenes of oohs and awes,
from a unique ability to hover like a dragonfly.

For your unique ability to silently sneak,
a peek through a window or clearing below,
of lovemaking in the morning light's peak,
or late afternoon's warm bath of waning glow.

Voyeur of habitat from Canadian spruce forest,
to the great grassy flowery plains turned to corn,
relying on urban gardens and fake nectar,
for sugar lost from the wild prairie's scorn.

Hummingbird, I'm singing your song.
I want to go along. I want to go along.
I want to experience what you do.
I want to experience along with you.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird, can I come along,
before you, too, your habitat and you, are gone?

Annual Rockport Hummingbird Festival is Canceled This Year

View Video of Rockport Hummingbirds Courtesy YouTube Here.

View Hummingbird Video from Our Window Here .

Rockport, Texas, is one of those places this time of year
where many of the hummingbirds migrating from North America
pass through on their way to South and Central America. Much
of Rockport was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. I hope the
residents there can still feed those hummingbirds on their
journey because many of the natural flowers have been ruined
by the storm.

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