Harvey is lurking and churning out in the Gulf.
From out of nowhere with amazing stealth.

He came uninvited like a thief in the night.
He came to the unaware of their plight.

There are always those who are unprepared.
The naysayers or without information shared.

Harvey was predicted not to have much blow.
But he strengthened and will eventually showed.

His original intention when he hit the coast.
His party arrived with a 20 foot waves,
and 10 foot surging boast.

His party hurt where it hurts the most.
Partyers drunken and caught in their boast.

Swept away for their arrogance to his power.
Misunderstanding his tide and storm wall hour.

Predicted to linger on the land for six days.
Harvey is dumping his full bladder several ways.

He's pissing on people living so low.
As if by living there, they didn't know.

Rivers and bayous swelling to their banks.
They will overflow and flood neighborhoods,
regardless of their owners' ranks.

For rich and poor will feel Harvey's floods.
There will be no reprieve for arrogant bluebloods.

People who drive fancy cars into deep water.
People who think that they are so much smarter.

Or people who run when there is torrential rain,
thinking that they will escape only headlong into pain.

Caught on the freeways without water or gas.
They curse themselves for being such an ass.

Harvey does not care while thousands are rescued.
He wrings out his clouds on the hapless queued.

Awaiting the government bailout for getting screwed.

So, Harvey, Harvey please go away!
Don't stick around anymore,
No even one more day.

Estimated Rainfall for Southeast Texas-NOAA

Projected Rainfall Courtesy NOAA

Over one million people have moved to the Gulf Coast since
Hurricane Ike caused such a debacle from panic lemmings that
shouldn't have left home. Harvey is different, more like
Allison that brought over 30 inches of rain and flooded
30,000 homes in the East Houston area. He will probably
be worse because the heavy rain will be over such a
widespread area that rivers and bayous will flood
mercilessly through neighborhoods that never flooded
before. There's nothing more devastating than having
your home flooded, except fire that totally destroys a home.

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