Just when you think you have it made,
worked and saved to make the grade.
Something comes along to upset the cart,
tears you thoroughly deep in your heart.

You're underwater with bills to pay,
seems there are new ones every day.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul,
you manage somehow through it all.

And then it comes, out of the blue,
biblical rain begins falling on you.
Water rises so fast you cannot flee,
you're underwater in reality.

You cannot swim against the flow,
you climb up because you can't stay low.
Rescue saves your life but not your things,
suddenly, you're thrown into shelter's wings.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, pyroclastic flows,
sneak up without subtlety everyone knows.
Sooner or later, if you live in the zone,
the rising tsunami will take your home.

When fire comes roaring down the hill,
run for your life before smoke seals the deal.
Avalanches are sudden, blizzards are slow,
but both will kill you if you're not in the know.

At a great gathering, an explosion occurred,
body parts fly as bloody screams are heard.
Sputtering of gunfire rakes through the crowd,
ducking for cover, searing pain cries out loud.

Fear is the factor that grips us inside,
there's no escaping disaster's ugly side.
No reason to stop living in disasters' path,
pick up what's left and before long, laugh.

Napa Valley Fire, AP, October 2017

Napa Valley fire storm, photo courtesy AP, Rich Pedroncelli and Tahoe Daily Tribune

Except for those caused by climate change, disasters
are no more prevalent than they have ever been. Now
that everyone that has a cell phone can become a
recorder/reporter of disasters and the urge of the
media is to rush to the worst and show it to us,
disasters seem to be getting worse. Historical record
shows that disasters in the past were far more deadly
than the ones that occur today. The best protection
to from disaster is to not live in a disaster prone area.
But disasters can occur anywhere, so there is no place
that is entirely safe. Insurance will allay the financial
cost, but only mental strength will overcome the human cost.
More people are killed by lightning than any other natural
source every year. Illness and old age kill everyone
eventually. Best to live life to the fullest while we can.

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