Powerless and Deflated

Have you ever had one of those days?
When everything seems to be going sideways?

When every time you have something solved,
a new problem arises that's unresolved.

When you've tried and tried, and tried again,
and finally gave up fricasseeing that fried hen.

You hand over the job to someone else to do,
they don't do it very well, or stick it to you.

Friends are very encouraging but don't lend a hand,
they are fair weather friends that won't take a stand.

Constant changes that don't make any sense,
leading to going backward as recompense.

Like changing your underwear with your neighbor,
in a new form of keeping up with the Joneses there.

Why are we fixing what is already good?
Are we just chasing a fad in the neighborhood?

With all this commotion, one runs out of steam.
How to give up the ghost, without losing esteem.

When we run out of power, we have to give some up,
the question is, to who? And, how much to cough up.

Everything has its price, and the escalating tide,
takes everything you have, to stay in the ride.

Deflated Innertube

Deflated Innertube © WhitbySeaAnglers.com

Feeling a bit underpowered to deal with things coming
very rapidly and trying to get all of them handled...
Things will get better tomorrow.

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