Why is it that compassion is so hard to find?
When the self-righteous strike out blind.

Religion condemns more than it saves,
meek and helpless lost in the cultish raves.

Survival of the fittest still rules the land,
the strong get stronger, as though planned.

But money has taken over evolution,
and money has created genetic pollution.

Where the rich use platitudes to placate the poor,
while stealing from them mightily, citadels to shore.

"Let them all live," is the hypocritical compassionate claim,
to a life of poverty and misery, no one to blame?

We only take care of family and close friend,
the rest are just suckers on the tit, never end.

Unless we can have compassion for all that are here,
we can never have peace and be free from anger and fear.

It takes education and changing our minds,
it takes understanding of our motives, left behinds.

For everyone left in suffering and in pain,
there are people indulging in selfish gain.

Parade their pet examples for all to see,
sweep under the rug billions, not free.

So if you are sure that your mindless cost-cutting is right,
like Jesus, live with the masses; understand their plight.

Mother Teresa Ministering to the Poor

Mother Teresa Courtesy the New York Times

The citadels of power and money, including the church (with a few
Shining examples, like the Pope), have purchased much of the media
and are waging a war on everyone else with hypocritical action. For
example, claiming that the news media are liberal when all they are
doing is seeking the truth. And the electorate in the United States
(not elsewhere in the world where freedom and democracy live) have
been blindsided by simple solutions to complex problems. Everyone
likes simple solutions. Unfortunately, in today's society, they don't
work. Compromise is necessary and forward critical thinking tempered
by compassion, is essential.

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