Into every life comes the inevitable choke.
It comes unexpected and is no joke.
It comes in daylight and darkness's cloak.
But it comes regardless to every and all.

A chicken bone swallowed in haste.
A glass of wine breathed without taste.
A reflux of acid, dry and sticky like paste.
Both the lowly and mighty make the fall.

Feeling the hands tight around your throat.
A time for panic, not a time to gloat.
And then you wake up, and that's all she wrote.
It was only a dream, a tale, tall.

Before a great audience, speech comes to end.
Turning red, and then blue, as signals send.
High blood pressure pumping around the bend.
Heeding the urgency of emergency's call.

And if you say that you never choke.
We all come to that fork in the road's yoke.
When our balloon is burst with a single poke.
And our composure takes on a gray pall.

So don't test the water of an inevitable choke.
Be kind to yourself and throw off the yoke.
Roll with the punches and laugh at the poke.
For you never know when a choke will call.

Heimlich maneuver and give it your best.
The time is not now, to enter your rest.
Be prepared and answer the inevitable test.
And live to see another beautiful fall.

President Trump Lying about Choking

Straight from the Horse's Mouth Courtesy AZQuotes

The thought just came to me... Everyone chokes.
Even the president of the United States.

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