There was a soundless crash,
A brilliant flash,
That ripped the universe apart. 

I sat on my porch,
And watched it all,
Just doing my part. 

The stars went out,
One by one,
As if to make a new start.  

When that hot summer day,
Melted away,
Into the deep, deep dark.

I sat without fear,
Watching without sight. 
Only observing the absence of light. 

The air was heavy and warm,
And covered me with its dark blanket.
Against the endless night.

Like the soup that it is,
The air cooled slowly. 
When I felt the chill it was too late. 

I got up to go inside,
Like so many times before.
And froze to death trying to find the door. 

Persius Aurora by Jimmy Westlake

Photo  © Jimmy Westlake

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull



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