From either direction, 2002 reads the same.

A stability that suggests you get in the game. 


With miracle cures just around the corner,

Don't sit there like a little Jack Horner. 


Segway while the iron is hot,

Tech stocks are low, take a shot.  


A hybrid future to be sure,

From gasoline to electric will be the cure.


Bin Laden is history, but terrorism is not. 

Be careful with who you deal; they may not be who you thought. 


It does not mean you shouldn't forge ahead,

It does not mean you should look forward with dread. 


It means you should be careful and sure yourself,

Before venturing freely into the gulf. 


More than ever, we yearn to be free. 

The sooner the world is, the better it will be. 


So get out of the house, and see the world. 

Be a man, not a mouse, and with your cape unfurled,


Fly off to explore with wonders brand new,

The glories and accomplishments of 2002.



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