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The Kaleidoscope Effect is a short, historical, science fiction novel of sweeping proportions.  From the Iceman, a Copper Age hunter, to a disillusioned astronomer at the end of the Twentieth Century, if you've ever wondered what will happen to ordinary people when extraterrestrials arrive, follow Albert on his quest for the answer.  You won't find flying saucers, aliens, or visitors from Mars, but you will understand the meaning of intelligent, extraterrestrial life.



Chapter 1.       Copper Age Hunter       The Alps: 3362 BC


Albere finds himself in danger on the mountain.



Chapter 2.      A Promising Planet          Universal Explorer in Deep Space: 703 BC, Earth Time


Dom and the Collective find a planet that may fulfill their mission.



Chapter 3.      First Contact                 Universal Explorer in the Milky Way Galaxy: 1939 AD


Dom and the Collective discover that the planet has technological intelligence.



Chapter 4.       Opposites Attract          Green Bank, West Virginia 1971


Albert comes to study radio astronomy and finds more.



Chapter 5.       A Glimmer of Doubt     Arecibo, Puerto Rico  Aug 1974


Albert begins to discover that much of life is meaningless.




Chapter 6.      Turning Point               Washington, DC: Late December, 1976


Albert formulates a theory of intelligent contact.



Chapter 7.      A Grim View                 Universal Explorer in the Outer Milky Way Galaxy: 1985 


Dom and the Collective find the planet in grave danger



Chapter 8.       The Iceman                    The Tyrolean Alps: Sept 1991


The frozen body of a Copper Age man is found near Innsbruck.



Chapter 9.       The Genetic Connection The Iron Range, Upper Michigan: July, 1998


Albert discovers he has a famous ancestor.



Chapter 10.     The Relief                      Washington DC: A Mid   Winter Night


The Kaleidoscope Effect relieves Albert and the Earth’s inhabitants.



Chapter 11.     Reformation                  Earth: After the Relief



The Earth is reformed and Albert gets his wish.



Chapter 12.     The Return                    Universal Explorer: Leaving the Milky Way Galaxy


The Copper Age hunter returns.




The Kaleidoscope Effect

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