Family Pictures

Here are a few pictures of me past and present

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     In the beginning there was my mother, here pictured at seventeen for her high school graduation. 

     It was the same year my twin brother Roger and I were born.

     Six years later, we posed with our 'cute' sister, Judy. For some reason, I always posed on the left.

     Fourteen years later, I was junior in college, in my 'Fonzy' stage, prior to becoming paralyzed.

     Tim (left) and Tom, our younger twin brothers, were four and loved to ride with us in our 35 Ford Coupe with a Caddy engine.

     Five years later, I had bounced back from paralysis and got my MSIE from Stanford. 

     My friend used a Polaroid, so the picture is dark.

     Here I am with my buddy, Jazz, at Brazos Bend State Park. 

      Jazz was killed by a big dog in June, 1997.

    Me lowering myself from a friend's van. 

    Soon, I returned to driving my own van.

     With my friend and helper, Beh, of seven years at the zoo in Houston. 

      Beh started her own alteration and dry cleaning business in August., 1997.

My friend Jeanie

More pictures of Beh

Pictures from Tom's wedding

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