Corpus Christi Trip - August 1997

      Here are a few pictures of my trip with Beh and Dessiray. Beh is my helper/friend, and Dessiray was my personal secretary back in the 80s. She now has her own law firm.

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      On the way to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, home of the Whooping Crane, we passed a cotton field. Dessiray, who comes from Northern Indiana, had never seen a cotton field. We stopped so that she could pick some.
     When we got to the Wildlife Refuge, after an encounter with an alligator, we came to a spot where the Live Oak thickets grow down to the water. Beh posed on the dock there.
    Rockport is known as the hummingbird capital of the States. Westopped to see the Big Tree at Goose Island State Park. The Tree is 3000 years old and quite impressive. Beh was feeling frisky and posed in a nearby smaller oak.
     With Beh at the sea wall in Corpus Christi.
     On the long ramp up to the USS Lexington, a 1943 aircraft carrier that is now a museum, we headed into the strong sea breeze.
     I've got my hand on one of my favorite vehicles, a Cobra Gunship. I wish I could fly one.
Here I am with Dessiray at The Texas State Aquarium.
     The first night, we stayed in a suite at the Holiday Inn, the only hotel on the beach downtown. The second night, there was no room at the Inn, so we moved to the Omni (foreground), on Shoreline Drive. Our room was not only expensive, it was also not accessible, making it impossible to get into the bathroom.
     When we ventured out that night, we found that there were no curb cuts on the sea wall, so I had to run against traffic on Shoreline Drive a block to get to the piers. We ate at Landry's, a surprisingly inexpensive seafood chain, on a boat at the pier. We then took an evening cruise of the port and harbor. Here is Beh as we passed the Lexington.
     Dessiray had her picture taken by the "Blue Ghost" too. The Lexington is called the Blue Ghost because of its reputation for coming back from the dead and eluding the Japanese in World War II and the blue lights that bathe it at night. Unfortunately, pictures of the blue lights and moon on the water from our romantic cruise didn't turn out. 
     With Beh racing on the sidewalk when we returned from the cruise.
     We stopped at the bank, the tall building behind the Omni, and Dessiray posed at the upscale office building similar to her legal office in downtown Houston. It was very beautiful and peaceful there at night.  
     The next morning we visited the superb museum and home of the recreated fleet of Columbus for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the continent. A Spanish crew sailed the Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinto replicas to the States from Spain in 1992. Here I am in front of the Nina, named after my Mom. 
     Here I am with Dessiray at a lifeboat like Columbus used to go ashore and visit the other ships.
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