Arizna Trip Title     This trip was originally planned to go to California in the fall of 2003.  When Beh decided that she couldn't go, Diann volunteered to go the whole route.  Unfortunately, Diann didn't have enough vacation.
     I put the trip off until the spring.  The van steering was working fine, but it was on factory recall since fall. My EZ-Lock wasn't releasing my car automatically.  I couldn't operate my power windows from my controls.  However, it had passed inspection for $5800 in upgrades and repairs.
     The day before we were to leave, the "check engine" light came on.  It was an oxygen sensor.  The day afer we returned the a/c controls on my panel failed.  My good luck continues.

     Diann followed me home from work Thursday night and stayed the night so that we can get an early start.  Beh packed my bags and Daisey came to help me that night so that Diann would be rested for the trip.  We left the house at 7:00 a.m., but because it was morning rush-hour, we didn't reach Interstate 10 until 8:00 a.m. By 11 we had reached San Antonio.  We had to wait, single file, for an overturned truck to be unloaded, but reached VanHorn by 6:00 p.m. 
Entrance to Tom's gated community

Entrance to Tom and Sonya's
Gated Community

Tom and Sonya's house in Phoenix

Tom and Sonya's House

Tom and Sonya's Living Room

Tom and Sonya's Living Room

Fireplace, Hot Tub, and Pool                                                                             at Grant                                                                                               Village

Fireplace, Pit and Pool


      We awoke early, but it took two hours to pack and go, a pattern that repeated itself throughout the trip.  Even with a late start and windy conditions, we arrived at Tom and Sonya's about 3:30 p.m. Tom immediately tested his 2 x 4 and plywood ramp system.  He had to set it up three times to get me into the foyer.  From there I can only get into the kitchen and game room, so we went back out the front door.  It took only one set up to get me into the guest house and family room from the back door. 
     Tom uncovered his 1970 E Type Jaguar and 1973 Saab Sonnet and started them up for us.  He cooked whole family a grilled chicken dinner, and after dinner, Tom, Sonya, and Diann enjoyed the hot tub while I warmed my back by the fireplace in the cool night. 
Diann get a ride in the Jaguar

Diann takes a Jaguar ride


     Everyone slept in.  By afternoon, Tom and I took a tour of the neighborhood it went by the old house.  When we returned, Tom took Diann for a ride in both the Jaguar and Saab.  
     A neighbor's dog ran wild tryng to play with Frosty while Snowflake hid and the kids ran him down.  I watched Tim's great  Musky video until we ate take-out Chinese for dinner.  In the evening we all took a walk through the neighborhood. Diann tried the hot tub one more time before we went to bed. 
Sophie and Dex help catch a neighbor's dog after Frosty

Kids Catch Neighbor's Dog 



     We had a short drive to Lake Havasu City on the hottest day of the year (so far, 102 degrees) to see Lois and Clyde Nottingham.  Clyde had had cataract surgery that morning so he was resting when we got there.  Lois and I caught up on many subjects while she prepared dinner for us.  Kevin called and I got to talk to him.         Lois gave us tickets to take the boat to the casino on the California side of the Lake.  It was a warm night and we  enjoyed that very much, winning $15 before I quit gambling.
     Lake Havas City looks like a great place to retire.
Tom's Saab Sonnett in the RV garage

Tom's Saab in the RV Garage

Lake Havasu's London Bridge and Casino Boat landing

London Bridge and Landing

Lake Havasu Sunset

Lake Havasu Sunset

Ron driving the hermit Trail, Grand Canyon                                                                       Inn

Ron on the Hermit Trail



     We had another  short drive to Grand Canyon National Park.  They gave us a pass code for the Hermit Trail.  Otherwise, only tour buses could take it.  We drove few miles and took video until we settled into Yavapai Lodge for the night.  A cafeteria and shops were close by.  It was very peaceful in the evening.
Diann waves to the camera at the Grand Canyon

Diann waves at Grand Canyon

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