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Warning:  The reader is advised that this book may contain material that is deemed violent, sexual or immoral by some.  The material in these passages is the author’s attempt to accurately portray history and the future.  The author makes no apologies for this content.  He only asks the reader remain open to the ideas presented.


Table of Contents


            Chapter 1:      Nila’s Story                                    3/18/01


Nila finds herself alone, an orphan at a very young age.  Not much older, she is kidnapped.  Her life is shaped by her kidnappers until she dies, alone.


            Chapter 2:     Seti II, Pharaoh of Egypt                 4/22/01   


Seti is Pharaoh, but he is alone.  He allies with his young wife, Taousret, and almost changes the course of history.  But in the end, he dies, alone.


            Chapter 3:     New Wilderness                              4/22/01   


Albert is retired.  He has realized his dream of returning his little corner of the world to the wild and some recognition as a DNA researcher.  But, he feels alone, unfulfilled.


            Chapter 4:      A New Start                                  4/29/01   


Albert attends a required conference and finds more than a new way to open the rangelands.


            Chapter 5:      Filling the Empty Nest                   5/13/01   


Dr. Khundi comes up with an offer that Anne and Albert can’t resist.  Cloning takes on a new character when entrusted to them.


            Chapter 6:      The Immortal                                 6/4/01    


The success with cloning Dominic leads Albert to dream of other things.  Perfecting the clone of the Pharaoh Seti II leads to a great discovery.                 


            Chapter 7:      The Grave Robber                           6/4/01    


President James declares war on the malaise affecting humankind and the Earth.  Albert embarks on a journey back through time to retrieve an emotional piece of him that has been lost.


            Chapter 8:      Hope from on High                        6/11/01   


     Scott Murphy, commander of the thirty-five member crew of Hope, lands on Mars a year ahead of schedule.  His triumph is marred by tragedy.


            Chapter 9:      Extended Family                            6/16/01   


     Albert, with resources and an understanding wife, finds himself the head of a revolutionary new form of family for the twenty-first century.


           Chapter 10:      Growing Up Wild                          6/18/01   


     Growing up immortal is not without its pitfalls.  New rules for life become the rule.


           Chapter 11:      Branching Out                                7/8/01    


     Seti gets a new start on life.  Dom goes to college and the others follow—in different directions.

           Chapter 12:      Birth of The Collective                    8/1/01    


     The clones complete their educations and become famous in the process.  Seti, sensing that his destiny is greater and linked to the stars, creates The Collective.


           Chapter 13:      Death of an Immortal                     8/13/01   


      Seti embarks on a mission to save the Earth.  He establishes the Interplanetary Fund and launches the SETI II Project.  En route to deploy the Sagan Array, he meets his maker.


           Chapter 14:      An Icy Death                                 8/26/01   


      Dom’s ship reaches Ganymede and begins to explore.  That far from the sun, it is cold.  Without heat, one faces an icy death.


           Chapter 15:      The Iceman Returns                       8/27/01   


      Cloning is not the only way to bring the Iceman back.  However, cloning does bring back more than imagined.


           Chapter 16:      Death of a Scientist                         9/4/01    


      Leading a good life and taking advantage of twenty-first century medicine cannot defeat the human lifespan.  In time, even heroes die.


           Chapter 17:      Disaster, Life on the Edge                9/7/01    


      The Earth is geologically young.  Its periodic upheavals have no respect for the parasitic life clinging to its surface.  Life can vanish in a geologic instant.


           Chapter 18:      New Earth Colony                          9/8/01    


      Dom’s dream of a sustainable space colony comes true.  Earth’s survivors see it as a way to grow without hurting their home’s fragile ecosystem.


           Chapter 19:      Reunion                                         9/9/01    


      With growth and technology, wondrous things are possible.  There is more than one way to achieve immortality.


           Chapter 20:      A Promising Planet                        9/16/01   


      There is a promising planet.  Until a better one is found, the Galactic Explorer will set a course for this one.  If there is life, it may need relief.



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