Golfing Story - 6/26/98

     A Priest and a golfer went golfing. The golfer got on the first hole and shot his drive into the water. "Damn, missed," he said. The priest replied "Don't swear, God's gonna' get you for it." On the third hole he had a put to birdie. He shot and missed. "Damn, missed again," he yelled! Once again the priest replied, "Don't swear, God's gonna' get you for it." Finally they go to the last hole. The golfer has a chance to win the game. He misses. "Damnit, missed again." Again the priest warned him but was cut short when he heard a boom of thunder. Suddenly the clouds opened up. A bolt of lightning came down and struck the priest dead. A deep voice boomed over the horizon saying: "Damn, missed again."

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